Among the business being done at the NFL’s one-day ownership meeting in Chicago is a coming change in the company that will make the uniforms worn by NFL players.

The league has announced that, as of April 2012, Nike will be the manufacturer of NFL uniforms.  Which means that Reebok is out.

More specifically, Nike will be the “official uniform provider and will produce all on-field apparel including game uniforms and base layer, as well as sideline personnel apparel and fan gear.”

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Though the rest of us have to pay for the clothing we wear, the way it works for the NFL is that Reebok now, and Nike later, will pay many millions for the privilege of having their logo appear on every NFL jersey, pants, gloves, wristbands, etc.  And Reebok now, and Nike later, will make millions from the sale of replica and authentic jerseys bearing those logos.

How powerful is the placement of the logo on the NFL jersey?  Several years ago, a Nike commercial featuring Shawne Merriman in uniform clearly displayed the Reebok logo.

Maybe in 2012 Reebok can do a commercial with Merriman wearing a Nike logo.

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