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Horace Moore was sentenced to 20-years to life behind bars for fatally stabbing a New York City bus driver in 2008.

“The court imposes an indeterminate sentence of 20-years to life,” the judge ruled.

Horace Moore takes with him to prison the compelling image of city bus drivers holding up bus transfer cards.


It was a white ticket that somehow fueled Moore’s murderous rage and deadly stabbing of on-duty bus driver, Edwin Thomas.

“20-years is petty, you know, I’m not getting my brother back, over a transfer?” said Wallace Thomas, the victim’s brother.

It was December of 2008 when Moore hopped aboard Thomas’ B46 bus in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Thomas refused to give the ex-con a free bus transfer, which prompted Moore’s fit of fury which started with a verbal assault, followed by a punch, and ended with knife plunged into the driver’s chest.

The sentence of 20-years in prison left many of Thomas’ union colleagues visibly upset and emotionally distraught.

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