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A critic, atheist, skeptic, witch, intellectual, new ager; what do they have in common? Each of these groups of people belongs to a generation that is sick of the status quo! They are a people who want meaning, value, and purpose in their lives. More importantly they desire power! Power to live, power to belong to something greater than themselves, and power to change their destinies! Welcome to the Post Modern Generation.

Do you identify with any of this? I know that I do and, like yourself, I am searching– searching for meaning, value and purpose in life. Like you, the last place I would have ever thought to look is the church! But there is a church that you can come to and be yourself. It’s a church that you can bring your questions, your thoughts, and your true identity to. Not only will you be accepted for who you are, but this is a church where you can belong to something that is bigger than life itself. That ‘something’ will help you fulfill your destiny!

COME and joins us on a quest, a journey, THE ADVENTURE CALLED LIFE. You will be accepted, loved, and encouraged just as you are with your questions, tattoos, skepticism, piercings, and anything else that is unique to you!

according to xtremeministries.com

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