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Dr. Phil, can you help us? The Holyfields are looking to save their marriage, and they need Dr. Phil. Last week, Boxer Evander Holyfield got into a scuffle with his wife Candi. She put a restraining order out on him when he went upside her head. Mrs. Holyfield was complaining about the lack of heat in their Atlanta mansion. He told her if she were a better tither, they would be blessed with heat (Tithing is when you give ten percent of your earnings to the church). He has no heat in his home, and he is behind on his child support payments.  He has 11 children, two with current wife Candi. Evander realizes he has to work on his marriage. His wife has dropped the restraining order, and now they are seeking the help of Dr. Phil. Can Dr. Phil save this marriage? Holyfield is also gearing up for his next fight this April in Las Vegas.

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