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Balloon Boy Incident Raises More Questions, Officials Say

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A giant Mylar balloon took off from the backyard of the Heenes’ northern Colorado home Thursday. The couple said they were terrified their 6-year-old son Falcon may have been on it. They couldn’t find him.

In audio from 911 calls released Friday, the parents sounded emotional and desperate.

When the balloon finally landed, Falcon was not on board. Later, he came out from hiding in an attic over the home’s garage.

“I’m feeling very, very grateful that Falcon is among us,” Richard Heene told CNN’s “American Morning” on Friday. “We went through so many emotions yesterday.”

On CNN’s “Larry King Live” Thursday night, the Heene parents asked Falcon why he had not come out from hiding when they were calling for him. “You guys said we did this for the show,” he said.

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