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Tonex was battling some demons that aren’t easily whooped with the average shabach.  He was wrestling with his sexuality and according to him, the spirit of homosexuality had befriended him when he was 2 or 3 – he was molested.  That’s a whole other topic of discussion.  But the more the industry pushed him away, the intensity of his battle became that much more public.  It was visible, audible and sometimes embarrassing.  And like so many men who toss and turn with whether or not they want to admit to themselves that they are gay (like the person I was once married), Tonex did what many of them do – knowing the area of their struggle – and married a woman.  Now…everything I’m about to say from this point is speculation based upon what I know about the down low and what I know about the mindset of the man who feels the need to lie to a woman in order to make their lives appear normal

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