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When you think of Thanksgiving dinner, the turkey is probably the first thing that comes to mind.  At least for people who eat meat.  However, the vegetarian mind has other items that will be first on their list.  Being a vegetarian during the holidays can be just as delicious and tasty without meat. 

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Several main course ideas for a vegetarian Thanksgiving could be vegetable lasagna, ratatouille or a veggie loaf.  Another great main course is making a chili or stew as well.  Using cranberries and pumpkin in your dishes can also spice up your dishes.  Other side dishes such as salads, stuffing and soups.  Lastly, for the vegetarian who still likes the Turkey theme for Thanksgiving there is an turkey alternative called the Tofurky.

Whatever you decide, make sure your Thanksgiving dinner is the way you like it meat or no meat.

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