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The Indianapolis Public School board voted to cut nearly $27 million from its 2010-2011 budget Tuesday night.

The vote was unanimous.

District officials say they worked hard to keep many programs alive. Programs like art and music will likely still be part of the school day for elementary students.

Officials say regardless, the cuts will be painful.

“Without this school district many people will go unserved and we serve the children that other people don’t want to serve and don’t have to. We are in the education business,” said school board president Rev. Michael Brown.

He says he plan was designed to save teachers’ jobs, but at least 100 positions, including 20 school police officers and 20 custodial workers.

The approved plan also makes millions of dollars in administrative cuts including leaving clerical positions unfilled. Board members blame the district’s financial crisis on property tax changes and the current economic climate.

“Unbelievable, truly unbelievable. Schools shouldn’t be on the budget chopping block,” said Doug Castle.

Officals warn more cus are likely in the next calendar year. But school board president Brown said if he had to make more cuts “I wouldn’t know were to cut from, there is nothing else to cut.”

Modifications had been made since the proposal was first introduced earlier this year. The state’s largest school district normally looses about 100 teachers through attrition. They expect that number to remain the same.

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