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According to biography.com Quincy Jones Biography in full Quincy Delight Jones, Jr. , byname “Q” (1933–) Related People Michael Jackson Count Basie Ray Charles Aretha Franklin Dizzy Gillespie Whoopi Goldberg Diana Ross Steven Spielberg Sarah Vaughan Oprah Winfrey Will Smith Stevie Wonder Bono » More Related Sites Official Quincy Jones Web site Black History at […]

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According to infoplease.com Berry Gordy, Jr. record company founder and executive Born: 11/28/1929 Birthplace: Detroit Gordy pursued a career as a boxer and served in the U.S. Army before returning to Detroit where he opened his own record store and produced recordings of his own songs. In 1959 he founded the Motown Record Corporation, which […]

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According to bach-cantatas.com Henry Lewis (Conductor) Born: October 16, 1932 – Los Angeles, California, USA Died: 1996 The black American conductor, Henry Lewis, began studying piano at the age of five and later learned to play the clarinet as well as several string instruments. After six years as a double-bassist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic […]

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