Community Connection

On today’s broadcast we began with the Indianapolis Public Library encouraging us all to participate in their powerful summer reading program.  We also discussed many other services provided free to the Indianapolis community. We then had our general manager, Deon Levingston, join me in studio to launch our “Keep Indy Safe” campaign.  All brands of […]

As of June 3rd there have been over 200 non-fatal shootings in Indianapolis. There have also been over 50 gun related homicides. So today we talked about gun violence. We discussed the problems and the solutions with you exclusively in the 1st hour. In the second hour leadership from IMPD joined us in the conversation.

On today’s broadcast we discussed the controversial reboot of “Roots.” The dialog was fast and furious, and you will want to check it out. In the second hour we spoke about Convoy of Hope and their service to veterans. We also shared how Kenny’s barbershops will provide hair cuts free for all who attend. Convoy […]

  On today’s broadcastwe introduced the community to Naomi’s House. Naomi’s House is an Indianapolis based organization dedicated to providing young women with support and guidance to better prepare for the responsibilities of motherhood. It is a safe haven where pregnant women can seek refuge when faced with homelessness or hopelessness. Next we spoke with […]

Today we spoke with Ted Green, the Director/Producer of the documentary “Attucks, The School That Opened A City.” We discussed the success of a high school that was created to fail. We learned that high expectations, committed professors, supportive families and community integrity create healthy, well adjusted people. Against all odds Crispus Attucks High School […]

Today we had open lines the whole broadcast. It was a great dialog. We are making Indianapolis better one show at a time. Michael Jones

Today we were able to highlight Herron High School and the wonderful work they are doing providing a rigorous Liberal Arts Education to students. We also spoke with Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb and introduced him to our audience. Finally we discussed Convoy of Hope. We focused on the Health Fair and Kids Zone. Michael Jones

Today we talked about a difficult subject; Sex,Sexuality and HIV/AIDS. We discussed the rash of stories emerging from our schools and universities, about sexual misconduct and unprotected sex. We also discussed advancements and challenges with HIV/AIDS and resources to address sexuality and spirituality. Michael Jones

“Let’s Make America Great Again!” When this phrase is uttered by politicians, pastors, educators and ordinary citizens it always evokes feelings. What feelings and images does it raise in you? Today’s broadcast was designed to make us think about it, so that we can do something to make America great. -Michael Jones

WOW!  Today we spent the entire two hours of Community Connection talking about the truth of Hip Hop with the Original G-Man of Hip Hop.  The discussion was passionate, powerful, personal and made a real impact.  If you think real Hip Hop music is about “thuggin’, bangin’, self-hate and misogyng you are mistaken.  Listen to […]

Today we had a “Talk about it Friday” on the broadcast. We talked about the sale of the gun used to murder Treyvon Martin. We also discussed national politics. We examined Donald Trump’s ability to unite his party, and wondered if Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders could do likewise.  

On today’s broadcast we discussed leadership. We began with “Bitter Sweet” and “Satin” from the Naptown Rider’s Motorcycle club. They are sponsoring a Peace Walk in the Martindale Brightwood Area. We also spoke with James Poore and Laurie Henry, representing owner/operators of McDonald’s Restaurants. They are key sponsors of Convoy of Hope. Convoy of Hope […]