@kwellscomm  News  — Java lovers are celebrating “National Coffee Day” on this ‘Throw Back (a cup) Thursday’ with plenty of great deals here in Indy as well as across the country. For example: McDonald’s is pouring free cups of coffee all day. Dunkin’ Donuts is serving up medium coffee for just 66-cents. Starbucks customers […]

Indianapolis Public Schools is making sure that students are fed during winter break. Free breakfast and lunch will be served at selected sites Monday through Wednesday each week. Lunch will be available at Thomas D. Gregg School, Eleanor Skillen, James Whitcomb Riley, Riverside, Charles W. Fairbanks School, Anna Brocchausen, Center for Inquiry and Daniel Webster School. […]

As kids head back to classrooms all across Indy and the nation, a staple of kids lunches–and maybe yours–has been recalled. Kraft is recalling 36,000 cases of its single-wrapped American cheese slices due to possible choking hazards. The company announced Friday that a thin strip of the film from that wrapper could remain stuck to […]

Have you noticed that the price of eggs has risen nearly 50-percent in just the last month? It almost makes one scream ouch at the refrigerated section of the local grocer. The reason for the increased price tag of “protein by the dozen” has been blamed on one of the worst bird flu epidemics the […]

What may be your kid’s favorite lunch or dinner side dish is facing some trouble this evening. The latest out of an Illinois food maufacturing giant, Kraft, is the company is recalling hundreds of thousands of cases of its Macaroni & Cheese dinners.  THE PROBLEM: Kraft says some packs may contain pieces of metal. But […]

Courtesy: By Robbie Darby/  So you broke up with Seamless and have vowed to make your own meals more often in 2015– awesome! Just because you’re all about the “‘kale yeah’ I’m eating healthy now life,” the problem comes if you don’t pay attention to how you store your new grub. You may be booty-calling […]

Follow @CarusoOnAir The only thing i loved about bringing my lunch to school was i got to chose whatever i wanted! And still at 22 years young, i love me some Lunchables (aka the nacho one!) Don’t lie, you still do this too…   So ya i might break the rules and still eat these […]

Burger King is changing up their fries again in attempt to top those tasty McDonald’s fries. The new “Satisfries” french fries are claiming to be  30 percent less fat and 20 percent fewer calories than their current fries and supposedly  40 percent  less fat and 30 percent fewer calories than McDonald’s number one selling fries. […]


You already know that eating a varied diet, rich in colorful fruits and vegetables, is the key to optimal health, but when it comes to weight loss, science has proven a case for monotony.  Researchers at the University of Buffalo and the University of Vermont found that when offered the same meal every day for […]

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer and the beginning of the grilling season for men across the nation. Grilling is one of the simplest and healthiest ways to prepare a meal. In a matter of minutes you can grill up a culinary delight. Most men think ribs are synonymous with the grill, but […]


Haile Thomas is a young chefwho has cooked for the likes of Michelle Obama and has partnered with Hyatt Hotels & Resorts to develop healthy menu items for kids. Here, she writes about why she thinks children shouldn’t get acclimated to standard kids’ menu fare, and also offers up a flavorful, healthy dish that they […]

(NEWSER) – Good news for caffeine addicts: Green tea and coffee both apparently help reduce the risk of suffering a stroke, reports NPR. A new study of more than 82,000 adults in Japan found that for coffee drinkers, just one cup a day lowers the chances of a stroke 20%. And for green tea, more is better, […]