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  You may be surprised to learn how your cooking habits may be making your vegetables less nutritious. Did you know you should wait 10 minutes before cooking chopped garlic? Or that broccoli is one of the most perishable vegetables in your crisper? For the past 10 years, Jo Robinson who is an investigative journalist […]

Do you like the color green? If your answer is yes, there’s a good chance that you like this color because it brings you happiness, comfort, hope, excitement, as well as, a sense of peace. The results of a new study flow naturally with the rite of spring… everything turns green and begins to flourish […]

Many parents put their daughters, or little princesses, in ballet classes for a variety of reasons. If getting a bit of exercise is a part of that reasoning then you’ll need to know, you’re dabbling in the wrong art form. A new study finds that ballet doesn’t provide very good, or very much, exercise for […]

It’s National “Get Fit, Don’t Sit” Day. Did you know that sitting in an office chair for more than 90 minutes at a time can slowly start to negatively affect your health? It’s true according to the American Diabetes Association. The ADA says what seems like harmlessly staying in your chair at work, actually increases your […]

On Tuesday, we told you, “Don’t look for Blue Bell ice cream on your local store shelves. It won’t be there because it’s been recalled.” Now we’re learning there’s a lot more to the story of Listeria contamination at this Texas-based ice cream company that produced a favorite tasty treat for you and your family. […]

Don’t look for Blue Bell ice cream on your local store shelves. It won’t be there because it’s been recalled. The Texas-based ice cream company announced Monday it was voluntarily recalling all of its products due to concerns about Listeria contamination. Blue Bell’s CEO says this is the right thing to do and the only […]

Dog parks all around the state are warning of a highly infectious and deadly strain of dog flu. The Indiana State Department of Health says there have been at least a dozen cases reported in northwest Indiana in the past week. This illness is spreading from state-to-state. There are multiple dog parks in the Indianapolis metro area, also […]

It’s National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Did you know that today’s young people are the first generation that has never known a world without HIV and AIDS? It’s true. According to the CDC, across this country, 26 percent of new HIV infections are young people ages 13 to 24. Young people and their allies are determined to end this pandemic, […]

Though you may be a believer in a higher power, are you still one who finds yourself thinking  about Friday the 13th and feeling anxiety over the superstitious day, then you may be suffering from a condition known as Triskaidekaphobia. Let me help you with that, it’s pronounced, “tris-kai-dek-uh-FOH-bee-uh.” I had to say it out […]

When temperatures drop low, there are many simple safeguards you can take to prevent severe injury, Marshall said. They include: ·         Dress warmly Layering your clothing will provide the best insulation and retain body heat. Wearing a non-permeable outer layer will minimize the effects of strong winds. ·         Protect your extremities Hands and feet are […]

Do you consider yourself an athlete, a runner, a swimmer? Are you in the beginning stages, just starting to run? Well, according to a new study, if you want to run more, you should start thinking of yourself as a runner. If you want to swim more, then call yourself a swimmer. If you want […]

More than the dig out from being buried under tons of snow is going on in Boston right now. Researchers there are trying to explain why some girls reach puberty so early. Researchers at Harvard say there may be a link between this trend of early puberty onset and soda consumption. Bottom-line, girls who drink a lot of soda […]