The big story in Indianapolis today is the open letter that was sent out by Castleton Square Mall Management urging parent to “Not allow your children to come to the mall just to hang out”. To some it may sound harsh but, it honestly needs to be said. As a person who goes to the […]

With all the troubles over the past year and trying to make 2015 a better place, and it looks like Oklahoma has an idea they are trying to get out there in the public. The ban of wearing hoodies in public what Senator Don Barrington is trying to get passed in Oklahoma. To read more […]

2015 can be your year, if you choose it to be. There might seem like there are a million things against you but there is so much out there that can make this year exactly what you want it to be. A big thing talked about this year, already, is the employment and jobs available. […]

With only 5 days into this new year, big things could be coming to the “Circle City”. It all starts with some local Hoosiers who are going to have a big impact on the city this year… One of these people to look out for is our own Governor Mike Pence…   But who are […]

It was reported on Sunday that there has been a missing Air Force airman over in Guam. Yesterday, the person has been identified as 24 year old Alec Dye of Mooresville, Indiana. Still an ongoing search is on to find Alec and no one has heard from him since Sunday when he post a picture on […]

It is official, move aside Pepsi and say hello to the new Indiana Farmers Coliseum! The state fairground announced this morning that coliseum has been renamed in a 6 million dollar deal for 10 years to make it the now Indiana Farmers Coliseum. This coming right after the launch of the brand new hockey team, […]

We are only a week away from the craziest shopping days of the year and where do you plan on standing outside out in the freezing cold??? Well if you don’t want to get ripped off this year, you might want to look closely at this to check out what i am saying!   —->

It has been a week now since the National Election day of November 4th and with all the candidates and results in… there is still a shocking one for Hoosiers. According to a story from the showed that Indiana led the nation is something most states are not proud of…. voter turnout But why did […]

  Amos Brown recently hosted a Live Radio Chat to benefit the Center for Leadership Development (CLD). If you’re not familiar with this organization, it’s mission is to foster the advancement of minority youth in Central Indiana as future professional, business and community leaders by providing experiences that encourage personal development and educational attainment. If […]

Just in this morning, Fisher police have arrested Maxwell Winkle, who is 17, with the connection of a recent homicide in Fishers. Charges he is going to face for the murder of Henry Kim, who is 73. Keep it close for more details!

Looks like Indiana has something new to brag about, and that would be that in a recent study, there are two suburbs that made the nations top 50. Zionsville took the main prize coming in at #2 on the list and its noisy neighbor, Carmel, came in at 14th this year. But do you know […]

Christmas is creeping up closer and closer and finding all the stuff you need to get for the kids seems to be too expensive but there might be an easy solution this year… If you don’t mind maybe a little wear and tear, the Indianapolis Airport is having an auction from all its lost and […]