Williams and The Spiritual QC's were a gospel mainstay in the South, eventually being awarded the key of the city to Tupelo, Mississippi upon Williams' retirement.

Burrell made his mark as an NCAA Division I sprinter, a track phenom in a family full of phenomenal track stars.

Dennis "Dee Tee" Thomas, a co-founder of Kool & the Gang and saxophonist for the legendary R&B group, has died at the age of 70.

Veteran Nollywood actress Rachael Oniga, a legendary presence in the Nigerian movie industry who was known for her maternal roles, died July 31. She was 64 years old.

Warren was a founding member of TROOP, a New Jack Swing R&B group that rose to fame in the early 90's. He was 52.

Douglas earned an NAACP Image Award for her 1989 film 'Tap' with co-star Gregory Hines and also played Jerri Peterson on 'The Parent 'Hood.'

Williams starred as Linc on 'The Mod Squad' for five seasons and also played Prince's father in 'Purple Rain' and memorable characters in 'Hoodlum,' 'Half-Baked,' 'Deep Cover' and more.

F. Lee Bailey, a lawyer who died June 3 decades after helping acquit O.J. Simpson, may be the only white person in history to publicly say the N-word and receive a widespread pass from Black people for uttering the hateful, racist slur.

The tale of Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus — best known to fans as the late-’80s/’90s pop group Milli Vanilli — has become the stuff of legend. The pair achieved worldwide fame thanks to their hits “Girl You Know It’s True” and “Blame It On The Rain,” but were quickly the subject of public ridicule […]

Put down the top ramen. It doesn't cost much to make a meal that tastes top dollar.

BET’s Baldwin Hills star Gerren Taylor passed away in her sleep on April 11, 2021.

To say Charles was well respected would be an understatement, with news of her unexpected passing rocking many to the core. The daughter of Haitian immigrants, Charles brought her passion for justice with her from the courtroom into the studio.