Black women invested in this election with the promise that their votes would produce action towards legislation eradicating blocked accessways to wellness without the threat of patriarchy and misogynoir, bridled under the umbrella of white supremacy.

David Dinkins' death prompted recollections of when Rudy Giuliani lost the NYC mayoral race to him, quickly conceded defeat and urged "democracy," a far cry from his role in 2020.

Goff will help lead efforts to help propel Biden's legislative efforts through Congress, which includes policies promising to lengthen, ensure, and enrich the lives of Black people in America.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield became the first Black person who Biden tapped to be part of his cabinet. If confirmed, she would be just the second Black woman to ever be the ambassador to the United Nations.

While placing a Black person in positions of power is not the cure-all to reverse 400 years of systemic racism, the time to account for the sins of the past is now.

Iowa Rep. Steve King renewed birther attacks on Kamala Harris by citing " slaves" and "slave owners" in questioning her heritage in the disingenuous context of reparations for slavery.

Much like with Trump, it can’t be ignored how loudly Black folks also sounded the alarm about Giuliani dating back to the 1980s and 1990s.

False claims about Republican poll-watcher access in Philadelphia were aimed at discrediting Black voters.

Here's a list of Black people reportedly being considered for roles in the president-elect's future cabinet.

Persuading Black voters to vote despite the pandemic — coupled with the same obstacles that kept Black voting down in 2016 — rendered a numerically flat turnout a victory, local activists said.

Trump's refusal to concede the 2020 election to Biden is motivated by money, not his unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud, Washington insiders say.