Community Connection Friday February 3rd 2023 A Full Show Of Open Lines and Quizzes About Local Black History Makers!  

Happy Blackity Black History Month! Here are 10 Black-owned beauty brands you need to shop!

Lisa Nicole stops by the Get Up! Church to debut her new single "Same God"

Pastor Winston tells Erica what inspired him to write this book saying "Well, you know, during the years of pastoring whether I'm working with just kind of the general membership or people in general or youth, concluded that the number one thing or one of the biggest things that hold people back from becoming great, is not valuing themselves.

Black History Month is a time for many things. It’s a time of reflection. A time of celebration. It’s also a time when we can collectively bask in appreciation for all the fine, inventive, and necessary contributions that our culture has gifted the world. It’s pretty amazing that you’d be hard-pressed to walk a city […]

Community Connection Thursday February 2nd 2023 Just Announced Republican Candidate For Mayor Abdul-Hakim Shabazz Joined Us LIVE On Community Connection! Abdul-Hakim Shabazz is an Attorney. Credentialed Journalist. Political Writer/Radio/TV Commentator. Comedian, Teacher & more. He took listener calls and informed you why he wants your vote! Campaign Info: Read the Full Agenda Below, Which […]

He was the founding Dean of the law school at Howard University and helped create the department and was the first President of what is now Virginia State University and historically Black College.  

The people gave some rather hilarious answers to some of D.L.'s questions and some you have to see and hear to believe.

Black History NOW Celebrates the paths paved by those who broke the mold in areas of film, sports, science, art and business. Today, we celebrate Titans of Sports: These icons of athleticism brought broke barriers and proved - while the world looked on - that passion, perseverance and dedication knows no color.

Today we honor Carter G Woodson. He was born in 1875. He was an American historian, author, journalist and founder of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History.

Long before Hip-Hop & R&B there was “the blues”. Black folks invented this genre of music and it has been passed down from the slave fields to concert venues. Originating in the deep south after the Civil War, it blends gospel, spiritual, jazz, minstrel show music, and popular music. The Mississippi Delta is often acknowledged […]

Community Connection Wednesday February 1st 2023 4th Annual Indianapolis Black Documentary Film Festival (IBDFF) Friday, August 4th – Sunday August 6th at 2186 N Sherman Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46218 More Info & Tickets Here: About: “The IBDFF seeks to create a venue which filmmakers, storytellers, producers, and members of the film community can come […]