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30 Most Powerful Black Women in Fashion  was originally published on

1. Brandice N. Henderson-Daniel

Brandice N. Henderson-Daniel

2. Tai Beauchamp

Tai Beauchamp

3. June Ambrose

June Ambrose

4. Bethann Hardison

Bethann Hardison

5. Robin Givhan

Robin Givhan

6. June Haynes

June Haynes

7. Marie Denee

Marie Denee

8. Michaela Angela Davis

Michaela Angela Davis

9. Bevy Smith

Bevy Smith

10. Ruth E. Carter

Ruth E. Carter

11. Blake Scotland

Blake Scotland

12. Constance White

Constance White

13. Claire Sulmers

Claire Sulmers

14. Harriette Cole

Harriette Cole

15. Simone Oliver

Simone Oliver

16. Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs

Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs

17. Gabi Fresh

Gabi Fresh

18. Umindi Francis

Umindi Francis

19. Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson

20. Julee Wilson

Julee Wilson

21. Carmen Lilly

Carmen Lilly

22. Shiona Turini

Shiona Turini

23. Stephanie Horton

Stephanie Horton

24. Marielle Bobo

Marielle Bobo

25. Amanda Miller

Amanda Miller