budget cuts

HBCUs could lose as much as $85 million a year in federal support as Congress looks to make deficit-reducing budget cuts, the Root reports. SEE ALSO: All Eight Sandusky Accusers To Testify But now, just when the country needs HBCUs the most, many in Congress want to slash the federal support HBCUs receive by more […]

Unpopular Republican Ohio governor John Kasich is proposing an $8 billion cut from his state’s 2011-13 budget. Despite the cut, reports indicate that it increases state spending by five billion dollars. The Republican-controlled state House and Senate have already passed versions of the budget. Final passage is scheduled to come at the end of the […]

WASHINGTON – Republicans portray Planned Parenthood as primarily focused on performing abortions and — intentionally or not — using American taxpayer dollars to do it. RELATED: 25 women to know Not so, say Democrats who counter that the group’s 800-plus health centers nationwide provide an array of services, from screenings for cancer to testing for […]

Audio Included in Post. Runs 26 Minutes ©2010 WTLC/Radio One. Because of sharp drops in tax revenues because of property tax reform and the recession, the proposed 2011 budget for Indianapolis city/county government will cut services and programs.  Mayor Greg Ballard’s budget proposes spending $1 billion, 149 million dollars, down $73.8 million or 6.0% from […]