Death of Michael Brown in Ferguson MO

@kwellscomm @PraiseIndy News & Sports  —  Good day to you on a chilly Monday that happens to be National K9 Veterans Day and National Napping Day (in which a nap sounds great after losing an hour due the weekend’s time change). Today is also National Jewel Day, National Earmuff Day, and National Good Samaritan Day–those last two might come in […]

“NBC News” is investigating the death of a young African American man at the hands of police that is reminiscent of the 1987 death, here in Indy, of 16-year-old Michael Taylor. Taylor was shot in the head as he sat in the back of an Indianapolis police cruiser with his hands cuffed behind his back. Taylor’s death was ruled […]

Monday’s Headlines with Kim Wells Click to listen to some of the latest national, local and sports-related headlines of the day, including the latest happenings in Ferguson, MO on the day a teenager gunned down by a police officer is laid to rest, reax from students on an Indiana college campus to the aftermath in […]