The city of Miami is taking JPMorgan Chase & Co, the country’s biggest bank, to court based on major claims of housing discrimination against its residents…

On Thursday, November 7, 2013, The Senate passed historic legislation that will potentially ban workplace discrimination against gay and transgender employees. If successful, this will…

Farryn Johnson (pictured) has filed a racial discrimination complaint with the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights against the popular eatery chain, Hooters. The former waitress, who worked…

Ok I am ashamed to say that we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God! I was confused when I saw this article that shared the message of color marketing to its membership! An African-American Pastor sent out an email to the members requesting that African-American members refrain from greeting at […]

NEW YORK— 15 Muslims were arrested after a fight broke out at an amusement park in Westchester County after they were told they’d be denied access to rides over their religious clothing. More than 3,000 Muslims came to Rye Playland to celebrate the end of Ramadan. 60 police were called after clashes between Playland staff […]

Audio Included in Post. Runs 35 Minutes ©2011 WTLC/Radio One. Saying he was here “to listen and learn”, Thomas Perez, United States Assistant Attorney General and Chief of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division visited Indianapolis Tuesday. Perez met in a series of meetings with religious, civil rights and other community leaders to learn about […]

BOSTON-A group of friends are suing a Boston bar, Peggy O’Neil’s for discriminating against them due to their skin color. The men, Cape Verdean a Hispanic and an African American claim that they were denied entry in to the bar they were going to to celebrate a friend’s birthday. The Huffington Post Reports: Later that […]

A Black man is suing a popular New York nightspot for $500 million in damages, claiming he and his guests were racially discriminated against. Rainbell Owens is suing Flatiron bar and lounge 230 Fifth, claiming owner Steven Greenberg screamed and kicked him and his 15 other Black friends out of the establishment. According to reports, […]

A recent review of job vacancy postings on sites like Monster.com, CareerBuilder, and Craigslist revealed that hundreds of employers said that they consider, or strongly prefer, people currently employed or recently laid off. This places the 14 million unemployed American in a very dire condition. Unemployment is already scathing the country, and now it could […]

CHICAGO — Though Jackson Park Hospital and Medical Center is ran by an African-American man and the majority of its employees and patients are Black as well, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed a class-action suit for discriminating against Black, female employees. According to the lawsuit, Black female employees “were subjected to different […]

A Black law-enforcement advocacy group criticized prosecutors for filing an assault charge against an African-American Seattle cop involved in an off-duty brawl, while not charging two white Seattle officers who stomped on a prone Latino suspect in another incident. The Seattle Times Reports: The decision by the City Attorney’s Office to charge Officer Garth Haynes […]