fit friday

Do you consider yourself an athlete, a runner, a swimmer? Are you in the beginning stages, just starting to run? Well, according to a new study, if you want to run more, you should start thinking of yourself as a runner. If you want to swim more, then call yourself a swimmer. If you want […]

Are you having a hard time making time to workout during the day? Did you answer yes to that question? If so, don’t worry, we have a solution to your question. You can workout during your lunch hour and still have time to eat. In just 30 minutes, you can walk-and-tone all at the same […]

Do you want to get rid of your jiggly, wobbly, flabby, arms? If you answered yes, then make a commitment today to make a change. First, you’re going to need to change your diet. Let go of processed and sugary foods for lean protein and good fats that will help your body build muscle. Second, […]