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You can say what you want about milk.  It seems like drinking this dairy product may assist with losing weight.  A recent study has revealed drinking milk on a diet may boost weight loss.

A new study reveals that taking multivitamins does not reduce colon cancer in patients who risk dying or in survivors who’s probability of their cancer returning.     According to the researchers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute , between 26 and 77 percent of cancer survivors in the U.S. are taking multi-vitamins in hopes that it […]

The American Cancer Society recently revealed their conclusion of a study that was published by the Archives of Internal Medicine.  The study tracked the health of 100,000 people over nine years.   The researchers tracked 48, 500 men and 56, 343 women over 50 from 1997 to 2006.   According to the report, having a larger size […]