WELCOME! To The AM1310 The Light Afternoons with Amos LIVE BLOG of the 2014 Election Returns for Marion County.  As the returns come in we’ll be blogging the results, the trends shown and what they mean.  When I feel enough votes have come in to determine a clear cut WINNER we’ll tell you that.  Our […]

KEEP CHECKING HERE AND REFRESHING FOR ELECTION UPDATES AND COMMENTARY Click Here For Marion County Results Statewide Results 11:45pm – Not sure there’ll be another update from the Election Board. The Lawrence Township races are the only races outstanding from a busy night of “blue wins” in a dark sea of red across the country. […]

Audio Included in Post. Length 15 minutes, 30 seconds. Audio ©2010 WTLC/Radio One. Marion County Clerk Beth White is fighting Republican attempts to make it harder for Indianapolis residents to vote on November November 2nd. Clerk White wants early voting satellite locations for the November election. Just as it was in November 2008. She talked […]