Donnie McClurkin recently hopped on Periscope per his usual social doing and when asked by a viewer if he’d interview Jermaine Dolly, Donnie Mac said he’d love to and went on about how much he loved Dolly’s song, “You.” Little did we know, four years ago McClurkin gave Dolly a bit of advice that helped shaped his solo career […]

In this edition of the Ericaism, Erica Campbell talks about the importance of valuing time. She even pulls from the scriptures of the bible that talk about being on time to events and meetings. We joke around a lot, she notes, about things like “colored people time,” but the truth about being late is that […]

Indy Connect will host several public lunchtime meetings starting Tuesday, to discuss the Marion County Transit Plan. In November, Marion County voters will decide on a $0.25 tax increase for every $100 of income, in order to fund the transit plan. If voters approve the tax hike, Indy Connect says riders will see a 70 […]