praise team

So, we first got a little sample a few weeks ago when a praise team remixed Drake’s Hotline Bling into a gospel version.  The Facebook page of 21:03 originally posted a snippet of the version, which many were calling it out as “corny.”  Others were saying that the church shouldn’t be remixing and singing popular songs […]

What?  A praise team is the latest topic of discussion since a video was posted where they remixed Drake’s hit, “Hotline Bling.”  The video was posted on the Facebook page of 21:03 where the caption stated, “Yeah… NO. We can’t turn EVERY song into a gospel song.. It’s just comes off as corny. Sigh. Just […]

OMG the saints have too much time on their hands!  Did they really take this song to the church house?!?  If you don’t believe me…. look right here and keep your business off of facebook! LOL