The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Tuesday, September 15, 2015.  Afternoons with Amos ambitious series of Candidate Tuesday interviews continues. Again this week concentrating on the city/county minority-majority districts. Council candidates from the following Districts 11, 13, 14 and 17 appeared.  Here’s basic information about the Districts. Council District 11, which includes the west side of downtown, Indiana Avenue, IUPUI, […]

Candidates for six Marion County Township Trustees appeared on the September 16th edition of Candidate Tuesdays on Afternoons with Amos.  In Indiana the position of Township Trustee is responsible for the following: Township Trustees are the administrator of emergency assistance within their township. They are responsible for the oversight and care of all poor individuals […]

Audio Included in Post. Runs 42 Minutes ©2011 WTLC/Radio One. On the final Campaign Tuesday of the November 2011 elections, Afternoons with Amos concentrated on the candidates in the five Black-majority Indianapolis City-County Council Districts. Listen above to the interview as Republican candidates from those districts talked with Amos and listeners on the critical issues. […]