Candidates for six Marion County Township Trustees appeared on the September 16th edition of Candidate Tuesdays on Afternoons with Amos.  In Indiana the position of Township Trustee is responsible for the following: Township Trustees are the administrator of emergency assistance within their township. They are responsible for the oversight and care of all poor individuals […]

Afternoons with Amos kicked off its coverage of Election 2014 with its first of what will be the most live candidate interviews of any Indianapolis media – Print – TV – Radio. For the past several election years, Afternoons with Amos has made it a practice that on key races that impact Indianapolis African-American community, […]

Audio Included in Post. Runs 21 Minutes. Audio ©2010 WTLC/Radio One. The candidates for Wayne Township trustee faced off in separate Afternoons with Amos interviews days before the November 2nd election. Speaking with Amos and listeners were David Baird, incumbent Democratic Trustee and Republican challenger Andy Harris.  Hear their interviews above.