Saturday May 2nd // Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum


(Schedule is subject to change)




10:00am                             Doors Open


10:50am                             Women’s Empowerment Series Welcome




10:55am                             Inspiration Power Hour   


                                             Performance by Judah Band


                                             Performance by Tasha Page Lockhart   


                                             Performance by Tasha Cobbs


                                             Performance by Smokie Norful




12:30pm                             Keynote Speaker Iyanla Vanzant




1:30pm                               Women’s Empowerment Fashion Show




2:00pm                               “Black Men Revealed: What Men Really WANT, What Women Really NEED”


                                             Moderator: Tasha Smith


Panelists: Omarion | Jidenna | Rev. Dr. David A. Hampton | Linda LC Clemmons 




2:45pm                               Lyfe Jennings Performance




3:00pm                               NABFEME’s “High Heels In High Places” Panel


                                             Moderator: Karen Vaughn


Panelists: Entertainer MC Lyte | Anthem, Inc. Vice President, Human Resources Karin Sarratt | President Gilead House Reba Harris | Talent & Entertainment Influencer Lynn Richardson




3:45pm                               Jidenna Performance




4:00pm                               Special Guest Tasha Smith




4:50pm                               Jordin Sparks Performance




5:20pm                               Omarion Performance




5:40pm                               MC Lyte Performance




6:15pm                               Faith Evans Performance




6:45pm                               Closing Remark




2015 Women’s Empowerment Series Panels & Seminars Descriptions


(Schedule is subject to change)






Black Men Revealed: What Men really WANT…What Women really NEED


The panelists will give you a no filter look into what men really think about women. They will reveal men’s secrets about love and relationships, what men truly want and other thought-provoking topics.


Moderator: Actress Tasha Smith


Panelists: Omarion | Jidenna | Rev. Dr. David A. Hampton | Body Language Expert Linda LC Clemmons 




Location: Coliseum Stage


Time: 2:00pm




NABFEME’s High Heels In High Places


Powered and Created by NABFEME High Heels in High Places represents strong, cutting-edge career women. Trailblazers who seized the moment, took advantage of emerging opportunities. We have an opportunity to learn from their experiences and enable ourselves to develop stronger and more definitive careers.


Moderator: Karen Vaughn


Panelists: Entertainer MC Lyte | Anthem, Inc. Vice President, Human Resources Karin Sarratt | President Gilead House Reba Harris | Talent & Entertainment Influencer Lynn Richardson


Location: Coliseum Stage


Time: 3:00pm















Brickhouse Fitness Demo

10:20am – 11:00am


Healthcare and You

The goal of the Talk2Protect Seminar is to increase comfort, knowledge, skills, and communication when talking to teens about healthy relationships, pregnancy prevention, and life skills. The target audience is parents, youth workers, health educators, and nursing staff.

Facilitated By: Healthcare and Education

Location: ONE VIP Soundstage



Brickhouse Fitness Demo



11:20am – 12:00pm

Raising Our Sons

The “Raising our Sons” Seminar is for women who are attempting to raise their sons into strong men.  Over 70% of US households are being led by single mothers who are frustrated, tired and seeking help. This workshop will equip mothers with strategies and solutions to help their sons grow spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. During this interactive workshop mothers will leave with tools and strategies they can use right away.

Facilitated By: Robert Jackson

Location: ONE VIP Soundstage





Forgiveness Seminar

Pastor Henzy



Brickhouse Fitness Demo



Forgiveness Seminar

Pastor Henzy



Brickhouse Fitness Demo



Women & Wealth:

MC Lyte takes you on the journey towards financial freedom. Learn everything you need to know when it comes to money management.

Facilitator By: MC Lyte and Lynn Richardson 

Location: ONE VIP Soundstage



Breakout Rooms




Selfie Ready!


Pull out your selfie sticks! Learn how to build your social media followers and brand your image online.


Facilitated By: Keisha Nicole


Location: Vendor Pavilion


Time: 1:00pm & 3:00pm




Fashion Insider: Design…Style…Post


From blogging to styling.10 things no one told you about breaking into the fashion industry build a reliable contact base, target celebrities and create constant clientele. Are you ready for the Fashion Insider.


Facilitated By: Fhonia Ellis


Location: Vendor Pavilion


Time: 11:00am & 3:00pm




Make your SIDE hustle your MAIN hustle


Launching a business while working a 9 to 5 at the same time. Today’s best practices on how to move from your 9 to 5 to your business.


Facilitated By: LCR Coaching – Kalena James


Location: Vendor Pavilion


Time: 12:00pm & 2:00pm




Million Dollar Moves (Seminar)


We communicate in multiple ways: words, tone, nonverbal, and for some haptics (touch). Hear how body language cues can set you up for success on the job and life.


Facilitated By: Body Language expert Linda Clemons


Time: 12:00 pm 4:00pm






Thinking about going Natural…or already natural? Indy experts give their tips on natural hair and how to keep it health and beautiful all year long.


Facilitated By: Arthur “P-Nut” Harris and Charla Saloane


Location: Vendor Pavilion


Time: 11:00am & 2:00pm




Fashion Forward Fashionista


Turn up your wardrobe! Learn how to dress for your body type and how to put together a great look for less from Indy’s leading fashion bloggers.


Facilitated By: CoCo Cuffie and Mary Bryd


Location: Vendor Pavilion


Time: 10:20am & 4:00pm