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A video is circulating the web of Atlanta mega-church Pastor, Eddie Long, randomly receiving a large stack of cash from a woman as an offering during one of his church services.

As Bishop Long is preaching, the woman interrupts him mid-sentence to give him a large stack of cash.

He ironically stopped abruptly as he was saying, “So, what I need–“.

Long, who appeared surprised by the gift says, “manifest! Signs, wonders, and miracles! I couldn’t pray for that!”


“That’s just the first fruit,  I see everybody bringing that to the alter. Quick, fast, in a hurry,” the excited pastor says as the congregation cheers and pours money into the offering plate.

Many churches use different tactics to encourage the congregation to give offerings to the church, like personal testimonies, guest speakers, or designated offerings for larger funds; this possibly being a tactic to bolster giving.