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When celebrities snub service persons, the public generally hears about it. You expect the filty rich to share some of that wealth by at least paying a logical tip on a large bill, so when they don’t, waiters, bell-hops, dealers, and the like take every opportunity to drag their name through the mud on various websites.  This was complied by the “Miami New Times”

10. Rachael Ray

9. Bill Cosby

Rumor has it that Heathcliff (now there’s a name that needs a resurrection) once left a $3 tip on a $350 bill. Leaving less than 1%?

8. Sean Penn

The claim is that Penn left $0 on a $450 tab in New Orleans. At the time he must have still been in character from “I Am Sam.”

7. Mariah Carey

6. Usher

Not only did he once leave his autograph as a tip but according to the New Times article Usher “always tries to get someone else to pick up the bill.”

5. Jeremy Piven

4. LeBron James

He landed on the New Times list because he once left $10 on an $800 bill after making the wait staff at a Cleveland steakhouse stay till 4 a.m.

3. Barbra Streisand

2. Madonna

The New Times put her at #2 because she once left an $18 tip on a $400 bill.

1. Tiger Woods

He was found on every bad tipping website known to man and he claims that he never carries cash. Does that mean he should be #1?