Whether you prefer to lounge on the couch with a little Netflix and chill action or kick up your feet with a bag of popcorn in the theater, we’ve got options!

Rivalries are at the heart of good television and film. They bring more layers to storylines and characters; they allow more twists, turns, and excitement throughout the plot.                          A new study has revealed the most famous rivalries in TV and film. Rivals can […] The post A list of the Top 8 iconic rivalries in TV and film appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.

We spoke to Kevin Hart, who stars as a single father in 'Netflix's' new movie Fatherhood.' The comedian knows what it's like to raise a daughter IRL. He opens up about how having a little girl changed his life and helped him mature.

Breion Moses of Seven Hillz Productions gives BAW the exclusive on how her use of philanthropy, scholarships and even internships continues to give aspiring filmmakers a foundation to hone their skills behind the big screen.

Netflix's 'Jingle Jangle' is the perfect movie to cuddle up with your kiddie and watch together.