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TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) – Euphoric Libyan rebels raced into the capital Tripoli on Sunday and moved close to center with little resistance as Moammar Gadhafi’s defenses collapsed and his regime appeared to be crumbling fast.

Associated Press reporters with the rebels said they moved easily from the western outskirts into the regime stronghold in a dramatic turning of the tides in the 6-month-old Libyan civil war.

A rebel leader said the unit in charge of protecting Gadhafi and Tripoli had surrendered and joined the revolt, allowing the opposition force to move in freely.

Rebels also claim to have surrounded Gadhafi’s Bab al Aziziya compound, where the Libyan leader is believed to be holding out. Still, rebels have yet to begin an all out assault, a spokesman said.

UPDATE: Reports also state that two of Gadhafi’s sons are in rebel custody.

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