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Campus administrators and officials at an upstate New York university are investigating several racist signs that have popped up on campus this semester.

SUNY New Paltz, one of the state of New York’s many universities, has recently been bombarded by racist signs most notably, one by a water fountain that harkens back to the Civil Rights era with a sign reading, “Colored Only.”

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On Nov. 8, the sticker was found near the water fountain, said the school president in a memo after the incident.

Hours later, another sign in the shape of a hand giving the middle finger was found in Lefevre Hall, a dorm, that said “Lynching n—ers program at 7:30 main lounge,” according to a student Facebook page.

That sign originally advertised a dorm event before it was torn into the shape of a hand and scrawled with the racist message, a student said.

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