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The NFL wants players to wear more padding in the upcoming season, with an eye on making the changes become mandatory in 2011.

Vikings linebacker Ben Leber, for one, doesn’t like the idea.

Speaking with Mike Florio and Henry Lake on KFAN, Leber said there will be a “ton of resistance” to such a proposal.  Leber only wears thigh pads (no hip or knee pads) and said he would be “a little disgruntled” if he’s required to put on more padding.

Mike believes the league could be trying to put players between a rock and a hard place.  On one hand, they are resistant to two extra games because of safety reasons.  On the other, they don’t want to take steps towards improving their safety.

Leber was also nice enough to say he appreciates being on the PFT magazine cover, although he wishes we showed the picture a few moments later.  Leber hit Drew Brees on the play, although the Saints quarterback did get rid of the ball in time.

We also learned that Jared Allen owns the mysterious hand headed towards Brees’ crotch, which we probably should have known all along.