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Click Above To hear Full Interview. Runs 55 Minutes ©2011 WTLC/Radio One. Afternoons with Amos devoted its Monday, Dec 19th program to a full discussion of a proposal to dramatically change how students are taught, how dollars are spent and how the Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) are run. The Mind Trust, the Indianapolis based educational reform and advocacy organization prepared this bold and controversial report. David Harris, Mind trust CEO and Dr. Bryan Hassell, co-Director of Public Impact, who prepared the report, explained the plan and took questions from Amos and listeners.

Click below for a copy of the Mind Trust’s report and read details of the plan below.

The Mind Trust Plan For IPS Reforms

Under the Mind Trust plan, IPS would create “Opportunity” Schools” with the freedom to operate without central administration micromanagement. These schools would include the current top performing IPS schools and could include other top performing charter public schools. Their would investments in great teachers and school leaders.

The plan includes pre-kindergarten for four year olds.

The plan allows parents to allow their kids to attend any IPS school.

The linchpin of the Mind Trust IPS reform plan is radically scaling back the power and authority of IPS’ central administration. Individual schools would be empowered, to make not just academic decision, within state academic guidelines, but decisions on spending of goods, services, materials even consultants.

The plan also recommends that the Mayor and City-County Council select IPS Board members; instead of electing them.