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Cicely C. Mitchell

It seems to be inevitable: each one of us is feeling the pinch at the pump with the recent spike in gas prices. So what are some ways to save money when it comes time to fill the tank? Here are some tips we thought it would be useful to pass along to you.

1. For finding the cheapest gas prices in your area, there is mobile application for that! Apps on your phone like “Gas Buddy” can search for the cheapest gas prices in your area or while you are traveling; the best part of the app is that it is absolutely free! Download the app and then use the map feature to go to the gas station with the cheapest gas prices!

2. Experts say that it is best to fill your tank all of the way if funds will allow it. If you are “spot filling” meaning if you are putting $10 here or $20 there, then you are using gas to keep on going back to the service station; did you know that even when you wait for a pump, you are wasting gas as well?

3. Consider public transportation or a walk if weather permits. Perhaps you are planning a shopping trip to the strip mall just down the street. Consider taking the bus and do a little sight seeing while on tour bus trip. It is more cost effective and it saves you from having to find a parking space, stopping or going in traffic. Or if you are in need of just a few items and the store is just seconds from you, why not take a walk to get those few items. You can get a small workout in your day and save the car for the work week.

4. Drive at a consistent speed really helps in conserving gas. Breaking hard or accelerating too quickly can burn more fuel.

5. Make sure you are taking care of your car. Are those tires properly inflated? When was the last oil change? It pays to keep your car properly maintained. Also, change your spark plugs less than every 100,000 miles.

What are some ways you conserve on gas?

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