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In a debate that felt and at times looked like a heavyweight championship boxing match, President Barack Obama came out forcefully against Governor Mitt Romney and by all accounts of media and political experts won their second debate.  In a town hall format at Hofstra University where both men took questions from undecided voters, the President not only defended his record and outlined what he’d do in a second term, Mr. Obama also forcefully turned back Mr. Romney’s attempts to harass the President verbally and at times nearly physically.  The debate was the most confrontational between presidential candidates ever. Both President Obama and Governor discussed the economy, job creation, how the United States should deal with China, immigration, equal pay for women, the hard times Blacks and others have had during the Great Recession and, in one of the most contentious exchanges, the President and Mr. Romney bitterly clashed about the terror attack against the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya that took the lives of four American diplomats. (Video Courtesy The New York Times. There may be an ad that runs before the debate video begins).