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21887631_BG2This spring is turning into what could be one of the worst allergy seasons in recent memory.

Indianapolis is now number 59 of the 100 worst cities for allergy sufferers. That may not sound bad, but our ranking has gotten worse since last year when we ranked in 79th place. One of the main factors in that ranking is overall pollen level.

Jackson, Mississippi took top honors as the worst allergy city and Daytona Beach, Florida is the best place if you have allergies.

We spoke to Dr. Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber of Wishard-Eskenazi Health, her advice to allergy sufferers: keep the pollen out.

“There is definitely a thought to keeping the air conditioner running instead of having the windows open, if you’re a significant pollen sufferer. Keeping your car indoors, in your garage, so there’s not a lot of pollen getting into your radiator or air conditioner.”

Other tips include planning your outdoor activities when your area’s pollen count is the lowest. The best time for a person with allergies to be outside is after a heavy rain fall. In addition to keeping your windows closed, you should leave shoes and clothing worn outside in the garage or closed off from the house to prevent allergens from entering. Finally, shower or bathe before going to bed to limit the potential of spreading the allergens.

Fatigue is also a factor, you may be unusually sleepy due to allergies you may not even know you have.

“That chronic fatigue that comes along during allergy season, is at least something to be aware of. So that, if you start to notice that you are always tired and just can’t feel like you’re sleeping properly, just think, ‘what season is it?’ And it may just be the allergies kicking it off and making you feel so tired, and not necessarily anything else,” said Rohr-Kirchgraber.

Besides avoiding the outdoors, you should consult a doctor. There are a number of good over the counter medicines to combat the elements.

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