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Amy Grant is like the writer of Ecclesiastes.  Though God may not be mentioned in every page of this Biblical book, His punctilious presence looms like a lingering shadow over every discourse, idea and event.  Grant may not mention God in every song here on her latest album “How Mercy Looks From Here,” but every song exudes with wisdom of a lifetime shared by a deeply Godly woman. This record is a thoroughly contemplative, earthy, spiritual and personal by this multiple Grammy Award winner.

Dealing with hefty issues such as aging, death, tragic life detours, fruitlessness, eternal life  and life’s meaning,  Grant doesn’t come across with fire and brimstone.  Rather, in her warm never-hurried seasoned alto she gently nudges and shrugs urging us to the things that truly matter.

Ever since her teenage years, Grant has already been a tour-de-force in music, be it contemporary Christian or its secular counterpart.  Scoring her first number 1 “Father’s Eyes” when she was merely only 19 years-old, Grant continued to littered the Christian chart with hits such as “El Shaddai,” ‘Angels,” “Stay for Awhile” and “Lead Me On.”

After which, she had magnanimous success on the secular charts with “Baby Baby,” “Every Heartbeat” and “Lucky One.”  2003 saw her final studio album of all new material “Simple Things” before this new disc.  This is not to say that Grant has not been active in the last decade-she has had released a collection of hymns, a couple  of greatest hits, a live album, a Mother’s Day ep and a semi-new record “Somewhere Down the Road.”  Therefore, “How Mercy Looks Like” is Grant’s long awaited return of an album of all new material and the wait is definitely worth it.

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