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parkersVincent Parker (pictured), 16, who last December allegedly beat then bludgeoned his parents to death because they took away his iPod, pleaded guilty to the crime on Wednesday at a Norfolk, Va., criminal court. The high schooler, who was an honor roll student without any criminal record, will be tried as an adult, but his defense attorney will reportedly request that the youth serve at least part of his sentence at a juvenile facility.

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The gruesome case came to light on December 19th, just days before Christmas when Parker left school early. According to police documents, the boy hightailed it to his home where his mom, Carol (pictured), 57, was coming out of a bathroom.

Parker surprised Carol by first dousing her with pepper spray, stabbing her in the eyes and about the head, then beating her incessantly with a crowbar and baseball bat until her body lay lifeless; she died in her bedroom.

The medical examiner noted, Carol had 25 smashes and stabs about her face, neck and head.

Parker’s next victim, his 55-year-old dad, Wayne (pictured), was met with repeated stabbings and a brutal beating with a crowbar as well about his head and torso. Wayne however, managed to dial 911 for help and before he passed away at a nearby hospital, he was able to tell authorities that his attacker was his very own son when he arrived home.

When police investigators questioned Parker about his parent’s deaths, at first, he informed them that his dad had actually attacked both he and his mom. Later, after a more thorough line of questioning by police, Parker then allegedly admitted his wrongdoing to them.

The tenth grader also revealed how he had grown tired of his parent’s routine punishments.

Ironically, Carol’s father, Allen Taylor, is supporting his grandson all the way. Taylor claims he has forgiven the boy and is working toward securing a shorter sentence for the teen, telling News Channel 3, “He is a smart young man. He is smart in school. I don’t know what happened. I want him to get some type of counseling. Help him to grow up and to be an understanding man. Be sorry for what he did do. I told him to ask God to forgive him to what he did.”

Parker, whose psyche has been probed by court-ordered mental health professionals has been deemed not only intelligent but very sane.

If found guilty of both murders, Parker could face the maximum penalty of spending decades behind bars.

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