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It’s been an emotional, trying week for police in Indianapolis. Not only did they lose one of their own – Officer Perry Renn – but attacks on police officers in the 11th largest city in the country are the highest they’ve been in several years.  The rising tide of violence in Indy is taking its toll on police.  In a frank, somber Afternoons with Amos interview, Rick Snyder, Vice-President of the Fraternal Order of Police, the organization that represents Indianapolis Police Officers, talked about the events of the past week and the what the Snyder and the FOP view as a crisis facing the city and its law enforcement. With a weary voice, tinged with grief and sadness, Snyder talked about the resilience of Officer Renn’s family and the dedication he brought to the job. “He chose to patrol the Meadows and the eastside”, Snyder told Amos and listeners as he spoke about the Renn’s dedication.  Snyder said that criminals feel that the police are understaffed and that they can take advantage of the situation. That in Snyders’ view explains the assault the rise in crime.  Snyder along with IMPD and Public Safety officers are starting to make the case that Indianapolis residents must invest in hiring more police officers. Snyder and the FOP would to add 500 new officers over the next five years.  Snyder frankly admitted that officers are worn out by the constant overtime, lack of manpower and stress.  Snyder equated it to the combat fatigue soldiers who served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan have faced.  Snyder also addressed, frankly, but with understanding, community concerns that in the wake of Officer Renn’s murder that police would become over aggressive in the Black community, lashing back because a Black killed the officer. Snyder insisted that IMPD are “professional law enforcement officers” and that they would maintain that professionalism. It’s a frank interview that gave Afternoons with Amos listeners and community an insight to what our police are going through on mean streets. Click the Media Player to Hear the Afternoons with Amos interview with FOP VP Rick Snyder. Runs 30 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.