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Pastor Chris and Yahris Durso

(Pastor Chris and Yahris Durso with Henry Seeley and Misfit worship team)

After attending a life-changing event in New York City for teens and young adults BreatheCast sat down with Misfit NYC leader Pastor Chris Durso and he explained the MISFIT phenomenon, the impact it’s making on the culture, and how a ministry that started out terrible is now causing a revolution throughout the big city.

The 2014 Misfit Conference in New York City was filled with teens and young adults last month as The Salvation Army Theater in the West Village roared with praise for Jesus. Pastor Chris led the charge and brought in several revolutionary pastors to bring home the message of hope in Jesus. The young pastor serves in ministry at Christ Tabernacle where his Mother and Father Michael and Maria Durso serve as senior pastors.

When asked where the name Misfit came from, Pastor Chris said,”1 Corinthians talks about misfits, it says that we are the Messiah’s misfit, it’s just really just another term for Christian.

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