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The 48-city “Festival of Praise” tour has been getting rave reviews across America.

Featuring Fred Hammond, Donnie McClurkin, Kim Burrell and more, just what is it that makes the experience fresh, innovative and spontaneous?

According to headliner Fred Hammond, who first came up with the tour idea with his brother Ray, it’s because the artists stick together.

“We don’t perform separately,” Hammond told Detroit News. “We perform together. We stay on the stage together. We background each other’s songs together. We jump in on each other’s verses.”

It is that collaboration that serves as the backbone of each night’s successful performances.

“It creates a sense of togetherness and unity,” Hammond, 54, said. “I could do it by myself. They could all do it by themselves. But it allows us to see ourselves in a different light and it allows the people to see us in a different light.”

Grammy-winner McClurkin confirmed the family-like closeness of the group when he broke down on stage following the death of his 13-year-old niece Trinity.

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