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Close-up of emergency lights on police car

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An Indiana State Police Sgt. is making national headlines, and for a good reason.  Sgt. Todd Durnil pulled over Rodney Gibson for speeding this past Monday.  Sgt. Durnil surprised Gibson when he prayed with him, instead of issuing him a speeding ticket.

Durnil noticed that Gibson seemed very upset, not necessarily about being pulled over, but rather something else.  Durnil then pointed out an angel pin in Gibson’s vehicle, and mentioned he had the same one in his.  Gibson then stated that that the pin was from his daughter, and he was concerned that she was losing her six year fight against cancer.

Before Durnil left Gibson without giving him a ticket, he asked Gibson if there was anything else he needed.  Gibson said, “Do you know how to pray?”  Durnil said he was thinking in that moment, “The good Lord put us together for a purpose.” He then knelt down and prayed with Gibson.

Durnil told ABC News, “I hope everyone that hears about this is one more person that can pray for him and his family.”  You can read more on the story here, and watch Sgt. Durnil tell the story below.