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Secret Service agents kicked out dozens of black students from a Donald Trump rally in Georgia, hours after the front-runners agent assaulted a news photographer for documenting booted Black Lives Matter protesters in Virginia. The two rallies on Monday s

Amidst the controversy surrounding the Academy Awards this year, viewership hit an 8-year low. Although many people were curious to see how host Chris Rock would address the lack of diversity, only 34.3 million people tuned in; the third lowest viewership ever. Total viewership dropped by 8 percent and viewership for the show’s key audience, adults between the ages of 18 and 49, decreased by five percent. In 2015, 37.3 million people tuned into the awards ceremony. Back in 2014, when Ellen DeGeneres served as the host, the show brought in 43.74 million viewers. When Chris Rock hosted the Oscars in 2005, it garnered 42.1 million viewers. Read more.

TIME Reaches Out to Secret Service Over Incident at Trump Rally

After a violent altercation between a TIME photographer and a Secret Service agent ensued at a Donald Trump rally, the publication has contacted the Service to express concern. The recorded incident occurred when Black Lives Matter activists were removed from the rally. Photographer Christopher Morris was allegedly grabbed by the throat and thrown to the ground. “I just, I stepped 18 inches out of the pen then they grabbed me by the neck and started choking me and slammed me to the ground,” said Morris during an interview. “I never punched him, I never touched him.” He also said rules for the press at Trump campaign rallies are stricter than others. The Secret Service said they will take a closer look at the altercation to figure out the “exact circumstances.” Read more.

Stephen Curry is Taking Names and Breaking Records in the NBA

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry recently broke the NBA’s record for the most 3-pointers in a season. Curry has netted 288 3-pointers during this current season and his team still has 24 games left to play. “Curry can find spaces where it’s almost impossible for defenders to cover him,” said author and sports historian Eric Zweig. “But to have a slugging percentage and an on-base percentage so far beyond the league norm — well, that’s what Curry is doing now.” Curry usually takes 3-pointers from far behind the regulation line, which may cause the NBA to move it back. Read more.

Comedian Katt Williams Gets Arrested in Georgia

Comedian Katt Williams found himself in hot water yet again after punching an employee at a store in Georgia. According to officers in Gainesville, Williams was found “lying on the ground with his hands behind his back as though he was ready to go to jail.” He was arrested on a battery charge. No details have been revealed regarding what caused Williams to lash out. He is also currently facing robbery charges along with former hip-hop mogul Suge Knight after allegedly stealing a camera and assaulting a photographer back in 2014. Read more.

Comedian Wyatt Cenac Wants a Diverse Staff for His TBS Show

Comedian Wyatt Cenac wants to use his upcoming TBS show as an avenue to promote diversity. Cenac recently requested that the network be inclusive during the hiring process. He took to Twitter to share the message: “Really hope @TBSNetwork is committed to hiring diverse and gender balanced people of Earth to help write and produce People of Earth,” he tweeted. Cenac has been very vocal about diversity. “I feel like so many times people talk about diversity and wanting to be inclusive, but it often just becomes lip service,” he said. “So rather than make it lip service, let’s actually bring the conversation to the forefront because the time to do that is when a show is starting out, when it’s in the beginning stages.” TBS picked up his show, People of Earth, back in January. Read more.


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