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Times are hard. So hard, a lot of people are willing to do whatever they can to feed their kids – even if it gets them caught up in highly embarrassing situations.

One guy was recently reprimanded by a supermarket authority figure after trying to steal a cart full of meats by way of his sweatpants.

The employee can be heard telling the desperate man, “This is the third or fourth time you’ve done this to me. You should’ve gone to jail.” When the thief tries to explain himself, he’s cut off with a sharp, “I don’t care, I’m sorry man. I got kids to feed too. Give me that crap now.”

At that point, the man is corned and pulls out 6-7 items from his sweatpants – all meat – and two to three of the items appeared to be racks of ribs. It’s kind of funny, but also sad to watch because he and his family are clearly hungry.

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