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INDIANAPOLIS — IndyGo announced they will make service adjustments in response to driver shortages starting on Sunday, June 11.

Routes that will experience changes include Routes 2, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 26, 28, 31, 38, 55, and 902. A new route, Route 56, will be introduced for the first time.

IndyGo says the following routes will undergo what are intended to be temporary frequency changes:

  • Route 11 – 60-minute frequency to 90 minutes.
  • Route 26 – 45-minute frequency to 30 minutes.
  • Route 38 – 30-minute frequency to 60 minutes.
  • Route 902 – 30-minute frequency to 45 minutes.

IndyGo says the following routes will undergo route changes to better align service while also addressing driver shortages:

  • Route 2 – From downtown, Route 2 will travel Delaware to Fort Wayne to 10th Street to College Avenue, continuing up College Avenue to East 38th Street before turning south on Orchard Avenue and back to 34th Street. Route 2 will be extended to IndyGo’s East Campus, located at 9503 E. 33rd St.
  • Routes 12 and 13 – Routes 12 and 13 will be consolidated and renamed Route 13. Segments of both existing routes will be removed as part of this consolidation.
  • Route 16 – As part of the restructuring of service in southeast Indy, Route 16 will no longer serve several segments in this quadrant of the city. Service along Main Street and Emerson Avenue will be picked up by the new Route 56.
  • Route 26 – Also as part of the restructuring of the service in southeast Indy, this crosstown route will be realigned to provide a faster, more direct route between the Community Justice Complex and the Julia M. Carson Transit Center. The 45-minute frequency during the week will change to 30 minutes. On weekends, frequency will be 1 hour 15 minutes. While portions of the service along this route are going away, the Route 16 realignment will cover the southeast portion of Route 26 from Troy Avenue to Thompson Road.

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