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BSwift Guy's Guide to help the city of Indianapolis

B Swift Announces Release Date For New Podcast/Video Series: Swift’s Guy Guide

B Swift here, and today is B Swift Day, a day Mayor Joe Hogsett gave me in 2019.

I’ve always wanted to do something on 4/19, but I wanted to do something more impactful than just celebrating.

One day, I was having a conversation with my coworker, Andrea, about what my legacy will look like when I’m done with radio and it really had me thinking.

After a long talk with my big bro, Amp Harris, pieces to the puzzle started coming together.

During the convo, I expressed how there are a lot of people I want to help because I have so many friends, family members, and associates who I know are amazing people but have done some things that is considered “trouble” that have prevented them from getting employment, housing, and even just being able to drive a car legally.

I see an opportunity for me to make a change in this space.

The opportunity is for me to help a lot of people put themselves in better situations then the ones they are currently in. I don’t want people to have to look over their shoulder on a regular basis in worry. I’ve lost a lot, and I mean a lot of people to violence in the streets over the years. It’s time for a solution.

My coworker Andrea pitched the idea to do a show that’s focused on the things that I am genuinely passionate about and things that can help others on a daily basis.

I was instantly sold, and that’s how we came up with SWIFT’s Guy Guide.

This podcast/video series will feature people throughout the city who will be able to provide information for our young teens to adults that can help them hopefully find some alternative routes to bettering their lives.

The first episode will drop on April 24th at Noon on, Hot 100.9 Youtube page, and all podcast platforms!.

Let’s make a difference!

B Swift Coming Soon Swift's Guys Guide For Indianapolis

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