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Gospel Singer Tye Tribbett opens up about his Marriage,

New CD and Overcoming Obstacles


Gospel singer opens up about his cheating marriageAtlanta, GA — Change is not the easiest of ventures to embark upon. Definitely not for someone with an hyper-active gene like Tye Tribbett!  However Change has been Tribbett’s middle name for the past few months.


When the news of his personal flaws fell in the unforgiving laps of the media, the metamorphosis was abrupt. This redemptive pruning process of change and deliverance had to begin from his marriage, to his musical ministry, and back to his personal life. Tye’s fourth album release Fresh, comes on the aftermath of this period of turmoil. With a new message of grace and new beginning, “Fresh means restored, new creature and it’s my announcement that nothing is the same,” Tye declares, “my thinking, my business, my patterns, everything is new.”


Since hitting the big scene, Tye had gained worldwide acclaim with the now defunct youthful group, The Greater Anointing. They had focused solely on Gospel and motivating the younger generation. Then, the success of Life was bolstered to the Billboard Top 10 Gospel Album chart with the infectious singles “No Way” and “Everything.” Victory Live! entered the Billboard Top Gospel Album chart at #1, generated the #1 Gospel Radio single, “Victory,” and earned Tribbett two Stellar Award wins and three Grammy nominations — Best Gospel Performance (“Victory”); Best Gospel Song (“Victory”); and Best Contemporary R&B Gospel Album. With his third installment Stand Out (2008) entering the Billboard Gospel chart at #1, Tye further propelled the goodness of God with his musical message.

Little did he realize, change would ever need to come, or the need to undergo any spiritual-internal-surgery. Tye moved through a dark period that led to thoughts of suicide. It was here when he acknowledged he moved far away from his foundation. Tye recalls, “I turned away from God and as soon as I turned back around He was ready to receive me, and I learned God does not hold grudges at all.” He had to start everything afresh by getting rid of the ‘old’ and take on the ‘new’ which would involve a renewed sensibility.


Here’s what Tye said during a recent interview with the Associated Press about the turmoil he went through.

You and your family have been through a lot of drama. How did you fall short?

Tribbett: I thought it was something that’ll never happen. I saw infidelity with my mom and dad who was a pastor, which made them split. I told myself that I would never do that. So when it happened in my marriage, it was like “Whoa.” God broke down my self-righteousness, my pride.

How did you feel when she did the same to you?

As a husband it is PARAMOUNT to be there for your wife emotionally, and I blew it and I wasn’t there for her, which opened her up to fall into the same trap and commit the same sin as I did! I’m just so grateful that it wasn’t the end for us!

How was it for you when you and your wife took a break from each other?

When I was between my house and mom’s home, I was contemplating suicide — almost every day.

Like any other Gospel artist, you preach against what you and your wife have done to each other. Does your approach change on how people should live their life through your beliefs?

I still have to say the same thing as before because it’s a sin. I still say it’s wrong. But my approach is more compassionate. It’s not as militant. It’s easier to preach against something that’s not your struggle. Through this situation, this humiliation has made me walk in humility.

How do you expect people to listen to you now?

I don’t know. It’s been very difficult to face people who look up to you. … But this situation made people see that leaders are not above what they teach. I’ll never choose this again, but I’m grateful that it happened.

How much has your relationship with your wife changed?

Every second, it’s like we are texting each other. We’ve been married for 13 years, but it’s kind of like we are dating again. Personally, this is a fresh start for me as a husband and a father.

How has the breakup between you and G.A. gone so far?

I was so excited about the new, but didn’t consider the end. One of the things that had to end was G.A. I stood up before the choir, which was the saddest day of my life, and told them I had to release them. But we’re still family and we’ll always be family.

What should people expect from your new CD?

It’s definitely more about the heart than the hype. It’s not a sad CD, saying, “I messed up.” It’s not that at all. Expect to see where I was, where I am and where I’m going to be.


With Fresh Tye is clear, the direction of the music and the ministry changed. “It’s opening a door you never opened before and walking through. It’s unfamiliar and new.” While Tye wrote and produced a majority of the album, he also solicited assistance from a small handful of talented individuals along the way for the very first time. “Fresh,” the first single and title track is a personal testimony. The uptempo celebratory dance jam produced by Pablo Vaillatoro of the Group One Crew sets forth a revived form of worship. Sonically, the pulsating rhythm of techno beats serve as the under-current to Tye’s almost auto-tune laden voice as he sings “you can’t even imagine what God has so fresh.” 

Also from the Group One Crew, Manwell Reyes contributed as a writer and producer with the retro “All For You.” Surrendering to the process of being produced versus being the producer, the track excited Tye with its syncopated drum patterns, because it reaches beyond gospel.


Tye wrote and produced the first song that came during his lowest point in the wilderness, the aptly titled “Good.” The track echoes his youthful approach to praise and worship, with its drum pulses and guitar strums. Then the old soul with a bluesy swag, “Keep Me” which featured Isaac Caree. Inspired by his daughter catching two teenagers kissing on television, Tye provided gentle instruction on content for an age-appropriate audience.


Fresh also features a collaborative efforts from Israel Houghton, in the rendition of the praise tracks- “Champion” and “Most High God”. 

But Now, Tribbett is looking for a new start with his life and new album, “Fresh,” which was released this week. This will be Tribbett’s first solo album without his choir, which has released three albums with him.