In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF talks about how he feels so overwhelmed and confused about his cellphone bill every month, which he tries to stay on top of. He says he’s switched companies so many times, and he’s so sick of paying so much extra money because of his data going over all […]

After Uncle Sam accused Whitney Houston’s estate of under reporting its federal taxes, her heirs have filed a petition to challenge what the IRS claims it owes. According to Bloomberg’s reporting of the May 23rd petition, Houston’s estate objects to the determination that $22.6 million has been underreported, which the IRS claims means that more […]


On Tuesday Night Feb. 4th Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham About Creation VS Evolution,  This went Down At The Creation Museum In Kentucky, Nine hundred people streamed into the Creation Museum here for the debate between founder Ken Ham and Bill Nye, the “Science Guy” of television fame. This First Clip Is Is Highlights From The […]

It’s a fact: Texas heat is no joke. When you combine temperatures that are well within the 90s with humidity, it can make for a…


  *Now that the dust has cleared and the family is going on vacation, the bill for Whitney Houston’s funeral has surfaced. According to reports, the final result is $187,000 but billed to the residents of Newark, N.J. Yes, the very public funeral attracted hundreds, if not thousands of fans and service attendees and caused […]